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Newly created VM’s created from templates don’t show up in WSUS

17/02/2009 Leave a comment

After creating new VM’s from a template, the VM’s could not show up all in your WSUS server.
This is caused by a SusClientId being the same on all VM’s created from the template even if sysprep is used.

To fix this problem you can stop de Automatic Update service, delete the SusClientId key from the registry and start the Automatic Update service again

See for some scripts to do this automatically.
See also

To fix this problem in the template do the following: 

  • Convert the template back to a virtual machine.
  • Boot the virtual machine
  • Stop the WUAUSERV
  • Delete the SusClientID from the registry
  • Shut down the VM (do not restart the WUAUSERV!!)
  • Convert the VM back to a template
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