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Re-image OEM installed Windows 7 PC’s

09/08/2010 Leave a comment

Today i have investigated if Microsoft licensing allows to reimage pre installed Windows 7 OEM machines with a new Windows 7 image using VLK media.

Microsoft fully allows this cause each Microsoft license included a reimage right provided that the same version is used. So for example OEM professional -> VLK professional.

You need at least to have one VLK license of the product to obtain install media and a VLK license key.

A VLK has a limited number of activations. When this number is reached or too low you can contact Microsoft Activation Center or send an email to and include your agreement information, customer name and contact information, business justification for the additional activations requested (i.e.: re-imaging), the product key and the amount of additional activations you would like to have added to the key

For more offical information see:

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