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SANIQ 10 (Lefthand OS) soon to be released

03/11/2012 4 comments

LeftHand OS v10.0: More integration, performance and management capabilities

On the 4th of December the next version of SAN/IQ (now named Lefthand OS) will be released with some  nice new features:

  • Increased Windows integration – We now offer Active Directory integration which will allow administrators to manage user authentication to HP StoreVirtual Storage via the Windows AD framework. This simplifies management by bringing SAN management under the AD umbrella. With 10.0 we are also providing support for Windows Server 2012 OS.
  • Improved performance – The engineering team has been working hard with this release and one of the great benefits comes with the performance improvements. LeftHand OS version 10.0 has numerous code enhancements that will improve the performance of HP StoreVirtual systems in terms of application performance as well as storage related functions such as snapshots and replication.  The two major areas of code improvements are in multi-threading capabilities and in internal data transmission algorithms.
  • Increased Remote Copy performance – You’ll now experience triple the performance through optimization of the Remote Copy feature that can reduce you backup times by up to 66%.
  • Dual CPU support for VSA – In this release, the VSA software will now ship with 2 vCPUs enabled. This capability, in addition multi-threading advancements in 10.0, enhances performance up to 2x for some workloads. As a result of this enhancement, we will now also support running 2 vCPUs in older versions of VSA. So if you’ve been dying to try it, go ahead. Our lab tests with SAN/iQ 9.5 and 2 vCPUs showed an up to 50% increase in performance.
  • Other performance improvements – 10.0 has been re-engineered to take advantage of today’s more powerful platforms, specifically to take better advantage of multi-core processors, and also improves the performance of volume resynchronization and restriping and merging/deleting snapshot layers.

See for more info.


SANIQ 9.0 Released!

18/11/2010 Leave a comment

HP Released SAN/IQ 9.0 today.

The 9.0 release is a comprehensive release that includes enhancements in the following areas:

  • New global configurations — Email, SNMP, DNS, remote syslog, and upgrades are done at the management group
  • Automated online upgrade management — Identifies, downloads, and applies updates more easily
  • Alarms and Events enhancements — Reduced quantity, configured globally, new severity levels
  • Storage system alarms
  • Network RAID 5 and 6 enhancements — No longer require snapshots, Network RAID 5 on clusters of three or more, Network RAID 6 on clusters of five or more
  • VMware VAAI vStorage offloads — Full copy, Block Zeroing, and Hardware Assisted Locking for faster VM deployment and less load on ESX servers
  • New Best Practice Analyzer rules — Checks for consistent RAID and network settings
  • P4000 Centralized Management Console enhancements — More map views, new volume icons that represent status and RAID, reduced numbers of pop ups, user ability to change CMC font sizes and default names
  • Host server cluster management — Automated assignment of volumes to many servers that make up an application cluster
  • Server aware sites — Servers and server clusters can be assigned to sites to improve load balancing
  • HP Insight Remote Support replaces LeftHand Service Console
  • HP SIM monitoring support (6.2)Localization for Japan, China, and Korea
  • MPIO improvements — Host network load balancing in DSM for MPIO and native windows MPIO support
  • iSCSI session management improvements — Sessions are automatically rebalanced after systems come back online and when systems are added. Sessions are automatically disconnected when volumes are unassigned from servers
  • Improved PGR / Microsoft Failover Cluster scalability — Up to 256 iSCSI sessions per volume with Microsoft Failover Clusters utilizing PGR
  • Cross-Version Remote Copy — Release 9.0 SAN/iQ software can remote copy to and from version 8.5, 8.1, and 8.0 management groups
  • Remote Copy bandwidth — Now managed independently of management group bandwidth
  • CLI improvements — New commands to manage schedules, SNMP, and servers
  • Application-Managed Snapshots support Microsoft Windows CSV
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